New Ad Blocker That Will Be Google's Very Own Featured

Ad blocking is currently available through an assortment of plug-ins or browser extensions in whatever web browser you choose to engage these days. Google's revenue is driven by advertising and ad blocking. Now Google is trying to make game-changing moves and create their own ad blocker for Chrome. This comes as a huge surprise to many of us.

Google is developing an ad blocker that differs quite a bit from your typical blocker. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google's ad blocker will be focusing on adverts “beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.

Auto-play videos combined with audio, pop-up and advert ads can delay access to a website's content. These ads will apply for access to a site's content using a countdown counter. They intend on creating a wider variety soon.

The ad blocking system is still in the works. The experimental process could take a while, and they may even decide to toss it out. If they don’t then mobile Chrome and the desktop version will be announcing its future release in the next few weeks.

An official ad blocker from Google would guide advertising partners and publishers in line and ultimately result in a better experience. This would give Google control over the ad-blocking market. With Chrome’s fifty percent browser market share and auto-updating ability, the Chrome ad blocker would instantly become the most widely used solution available. The only issue is that google-defined could severely impact revenue since it could see all advertising blocked. If that's the case then it won’t be worth it.