Are You Up on Apps? Featured

We are using smartphones for everything from talking to messaging to email. And now, as apps evolve, smartphones continue to increase in capability. Do you have the apps that suit your needs best? Have you checked out the latest? Here are a few you should consider adding.

Rap Genius has rebranded to Genius — Song Lyrics + Knowledge Project. The change has moved the app well beyond the previous hip-hop lyrics and made it into a “pocket guide for pop culture.” Find lyrics, literature, and pop culture news. Annotations make understanding lyric or line references easier. Terms are defined and context is given. You can also find the lyrics for a song playing near you.

Are you a world traveler? Microsoft Translator works with Apple Watch and Android Wear or with your smartphone microphone and speaker. Speak into your device and get an instant translation. No more worrying over foreign dictionaries or phrasebooks. This app does all of the translating for you.

Last Message will be handy for everyone whose phone battery has died in the middle of things. Last Message will text, email, FB, or tweet the people you set up in the app that your phone is about to run out of juice so they won’t worry or think you just aren’t answering them.

Do you make social media posts and regret them later? Kaboom, a free Android app allows you to delete posts from Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or WhatsApp after an amount of time of your choosing.

Sometimes you find an article online that you want to read later. Why spend time, money, ink, and paper to print it? Use Pocket, an extension of Chrome, to save articles to your free account and read them later on any device.

Finally, Apple users can use third party keyboards on iPhones! Swiftkey learns how you type and adapts to your style. It also has a flow option so you can type by flowing fingers across the keyboard like some Android phones. Faster typing and less typos!

Looking for a quick, fun game? Swiper Dots has you user your finger to connect the dots quickly before the timer runs out. Better have nimble fingers!

How about a superhero wallpaper? Wallpapers for Marvel Heroes has free wallpapers optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.

Would you like more control over your music? DeaDBeeF Player for Android supports dozens of music file types. The ten band equalizer allows ultimate control to make that recording sound just like you like it.

There are apps for everyone whether iPhone or Android phone, to meet your needs for work or play. It’s worth spending time perusing the App stores on occasion  to see what’s new and might be useful or entertaining. Wired, PC, and cNet online all offer frequent app recommendations as well. Your best resource is the app store for your device, where you can browse by the category of app that you want. It’s worth spending a few spare minutes of time to find an app that could save you an hour.